Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie | Filling And Tasty 

Hii Fitfam ūüí™
So today I have a personal favourite recipe for you . I know you are just going to love it so i recommend that you try it out. I liked the fact that I can put beetroot in it which is high in iron and still not taste it yet giving it that very beautiful pink -purple color. 

So it’s combination of fruits, veggies and protein . One thing you wanna keep in mind is the quantity , do not have to much of it as it is high in natural sugar which some of you might not like.

First , slice your cucumbers , beetroot , strawberry , grapes or any other fruit you would like to add . And get that youghurt or curd out of your fridge and a glass of water and that is basically all you need .

Now put your sliced and chopped veggies and fruits into your blender ….Blend it a bit now add water and curd and blend it again.

And you are done with it …It’s very delicious …It tastes similar to a mixed berry smoothie I had a while ago in a cafe but it had ice cream and honey and all that stuff but in this one we are only using natural sugars .

I hope it helps!!

Thanks‚Äča lot for reading!!!

Top 3 Essentials For Your Weightloss Journey 

Hii Fitfam ,

So if you are on your weight loss /fitness journey just like me and you wanna loose weight then there are 3 things without which it ain’t possible.

So , if you are expecting some kind of workout gear or supplements in this list…Then let me clear out it’s not only about that ..Even if you have the top most gym, workout gear, supplements … Nothing will work until you have these 3 things.

First , dedication/passion…. guys if you wanna do it with all your heart then only do it . The results will show up . If you have the passion, dedication and love for this lifestyle .. it will give it back to you in the form of progress . So do it with all your heart and it will get you somewhere better . I promise .

Consistency is another one you need to have , if you will stay consistent with this lifestyle it will stay consistent in showing those results too . If you do your workouts just for a while and eat healthy just for a while then the results will also be just for a while..So you gotta stay consistent if you want the same from it in long run.

Last but again not the least is patience …. I personally have a hard time with this one …I know that eagerness to see the results quickly, that feeling of seeing the scale drop more and more is just amazing ….But you gotta take it slowly, naturally and wait for it to make a progress. So keep patience, if you are working towards something, it will work towards you too. Just wait for it and take it calmly.

I hope it helps you!!

Thanks a lot for reading !!!

Should You Trust Your Weighing Scale ?!?

Hiiii Fitfam,

So is that scale up and you are getting panicked and confused as you are following your diet and doing those regular workout sessions still you ain’t loosing weight or its been only increasing according to that scale . Now , let me start …….Do you workout ? Do you do weight training ? Do you eat right ? If your answers are yes then you don’t need to worry.

So what exactly is happening with your body ?…You are gaining muscle mass or muscle weight girl !

You are loosing that fat percentage and gaining muscles.

Now to see it physically , let’s take an example that you had a bullging belly and after a few weeks of eating right and working out you notice that it’s more tighter and flatter than before and your arms are more toned up ….But then you step on the scale and your weight has increased a bit ….Lady no worry!! You are gaining muscle mass which is actually good for you and you are becoming more stronger and you are gaining strength. 

So, guys ditch that scale in that case and track your progress by the way you feel and your body looks .

I hope this helps you !

Thanks a lot for reading !!

New Health And Fitness Blog !

Hii guys‚ėļ

I am soo excited to be having this blog , to record my journey and also to help you guys with weight loss and fitness . I have been into it for some years now …And I’ll share what I’ve learnt all this while and what I will be learning through my journey. Guys i have made it as a lifestyle change and I really wanna build up a community where in we can help and motivate each other ….So , if you love fitness , or wanna learn more about weight loss or healthy recipes then do check out by blog and follow .
Thank you so much… I hope to help you in some way !!‚ėļ